Bulgaria (Bulgarian Bulgaria), officially the Republic of Bulgaria – a state in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, occupies 22% of its area.

The population is 7 153 784 people, the area of ​​the territory is 110 993 km ². It occupies 103rd place in the world in terms of territory and 102nd in population. In the European Union it ranks 11th in the territory and 16th in population.

The capital is Sofia. The state language is Bulgarian. The country was named after the ethnonym of the people of the Bulgarians.

Attractions in Bulgaria:

Cave Magura, Devetashka, Ledyanika …., quaint rock formations – Wonder bridge, Rocks Belogradchik, etc., beautiful waterfalls: Krushun waterfalls, “Raisko-Pryskalo” (height 124.5 m) and 300 different waterfalls. Many ancient Thracian sanctuaries: Beglik Tash, Gluhite Kameni and others.

And how many ancient churches and monasteries in Bulgaria (more than 160), the most famous are Rila, Rozhen, Dryanovskiy, Bachkovsky, Sokolsky and others. There are preserved fortresses: Baba Vida, Bukelon, Asenova and others. Protected Monuments of UNESCO: Madarsky Horseman, Nessebar … All listed is quite difficult. Therefore, vacationers on the Black Sea coast in summer or in the mountains in winter, many options for what to see and where to go. Bulgaria is famous for its oil-bearing roses, which blossom throughout the Kazanlak valley, known as the Pink Valley, products from roses – butter, cream, soaps are often bought by tourists as a gift from Bulgaria and for personal use. High in the mountains there are very rare and beautiful flowers – edelweiss. National parks: Vitosha, Golden Sands, Ropotamo, Steneto and others.

By the way, in Bulgaria you can not only relax on the sea or go skiing in the mountains, but you can also heal health in the balneological resorts of Bulgaria. Natural mineral water and mud and also clean air and mild climate are an excellent help in the treatment in such resorts in Bulgaria as Velingrad, Sandanski, Hisarya, Bankya, Pavel Banya, Kyustendil, Devin, Sapareva Banya.



– the pearl of Bulgaria: a masterpiece of architecture, preserved to our times. The city is located on a rocky peninsula 850 m long and 300 meters wide 37 km north of Bourgas.

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is proved that its history is estimated at least three thousand years: annually archaeologists discover all new traces of ancient cultures and civilizations living on the peninsula. Nessebar is included in the list of world cultural heritage: in 1956 it was declared a city-museum, and since 1983 Nessebar is under the auspices of UNESCO.


Slynchev-Bryag (Sunny Beach)

To the north of Nessebar, in the beautiful bay of the same name, lies the largest sea resort of the country – Slynchev-Bryag (Sunny Beach). The resort is located 35 km north of the city of Burgas and 95 km from Varna, with a narrow strip stretching along one of the longest beaches in Bulgaria.

Slynchev-Bryag consists of more than 130 restaurants, nightlife, bars and discos.

The resort is famous for its fine golden sand, natural sand dunes (the most beautiful of them are in the southern part of the coast), many specialized children’s sanatoriums and playgrounds, as well as a clean and gently sloping beach. A beach strip about 10 km long and 30 to 40 meters wide is fenced off from the land by high sand dunes. The average daily temperature ranges from + 22 ° C to + 30 ° C in summer, and the water temperature ranges from + 20 ° C to + 26 ° C.

The sea here is very clean, the bottom is safe, with a gentle slope, there are no dangerous fish or sea animals. The beach season lasts from May to September. A lot of hotels, almost one and a half hundred restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs, cafes and discos are located right along the coastline, and on the beach there are medical and information centers.

Justifying the glory of the ideal place for family rest, Slynchev-Bryag offers to young guests children’s pools, playgrounds, experienced animators and educators in kindergartens, working around the clock. While the kids are busy with fun games, you can go to the theater or cinema, take a walk in the shops or markets or also take active leisure.

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